15F1900 B1 Stand

15F1900 standThe 15F1900 B1 Stand has the advantage as an Industrial Access Platform or as an Aircraft Maintenance Platform.






The Clyde 15F1900 B1 stand is an
updated, improved version of the long-time
standard Type B-1 used by the Air Force. The
15F1900 is more rugged, elevates an
additional two feet and has a double acting
hydraulic hand pump. The 15F1900 is truly a
practical and economic solution for high and
overhead maintenance or production jobs that
are 6 to 18 feet above the floor. It’s also used
as temporary access stairways for aircraft and
construction work. The 15F1900 48” x 48”
standard work platform can be positioned to
any height in its range by means of its self-
contained hydraulic system.
*Non-slip self-cleaning steps and platform
*500 lb capacity;
*Heavy-duty casters and 16” dia.
  Pneumatic tires make it easy to move from job-
*Stair and platform railings can be lifted
  out and stored on the base;
*Base, stairs, and platform stay parallel at
  any height position;
*All-steel, welded construction;
* Adjustable to any height within its 3 to 12
  feet platform floor range;
4 x 6 platform with sliding handrails;
Large Caster Package;
Solid Tires;
15F1900 drawing

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