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Both the inside and outside of our lockers are constructed to provide maximum resistance to abrasions, stains and moisture. To ensure their integrity under the harshest conditions while providing the ease of use our customer desires, we use heavy-duty, rust-proof hinges with a lifetime guarantee. There are no limits to what we can design for you. Looking for an unconventional design? No problem. We use your ideas to create new designs or remodel existing lockers. We are also capable of putting wood doors on your existing metal lockers to give the look without the overall investment. We offer an extensive variety of options for your lockers, including customized doors and finishes, name plates, hinges, locks, and handles. Amenities for interior lockers include storage shelves, drawers, security lock boxes, towel bars, framed mirrors, bench seats and additional storage space.

These wood lockers are hand-crafted and built to your specifications, so we don’t have posted prices on line. PLEASE contact us with your ideas, concepts or drawings! We offer courteous and professional help!

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