Aluminum Platforms, Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum Platforms, any Length or Width. Fast Delivery.

aluminum_rolling_ladder1-Homelandmfg ALUMINUM PLATFORMS, tilts and rolls and is the lightweight version of our safety rolling ladders. We also build Aluminum Platforms that are stationary. We can build to your design or concept too. You are buying DIRECT.

Aluminum Platforms are light and  corrosion resistant. The grip tape treads are standard, but we can also design them with serrated treads. Depending on your applications we also offer a top walk off with chain or gate. Aluminum Platforms with a deeper top platform and larger casters can be built. We can build to YOUR specifications or drawing. We build OSHA Safety Compliant too. Call an Aluminum Platforms PRO.
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Custom Portable Aluminum Platform

Light Weight Aluminum Rolling Ladders

Standard Features 

  • 18" or 24" wide steps with 10" rise
  • 14" deep top platform
  • 57* degree slope
  • 300 lbs load rating                                                              
  • 30" handrails if equipped
  • 1" square aluminum construction
  • Cleaned mill finish
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA & ANSI standards                       
  • Options:
  • Fixed Platform
  • Any Design
  • Any Height
  • Walk Off Tops
  • Larger Wheels

Tread Styles Available feature-serrated feature-perforated  

Item #"H" Means With Handrails
SizePlatform HeightOverall Hgt.BaseWeight Grip TapeSerrated
W x D
BA2S182 STEP20"20"20" x 18"16 lbs $235 $300
BA2S302 STEP20"24"26" x 18"22 lbs $260 $324
BA2SH182 STEP20"50"20" x 18"20 lbs $295$345
BA2SH302 STEP20"50"26" x 18"25 lbs $330 $385
BA3S183 STEP30"30"20" x 25"22 lbs$319$410
BA3S303 STEP30"30"26" x 25"29 lbs $355 $440
BA3SH183 STEP30"60"20" x 25"25 lbs $380 $465
BA3SH303 STEP30"60"26" x 25"32 lbs$415$505
BA4S184 Step40"40"20" x 31"27 lbs $399 $544
BA4S304 Step40"40"26" x 31"35 lbs $440 $580
BA4SH184 Step40"70"20" x 31"31 lbs$455 $575
BA4SH304 Step40"70"26" x 31"40 lbs$525 $605
BA5SH185 Step50"80"22" x 39"41 lbs $610 $660
BA5SH305 Step50"80"30" x 30"52 lbs $650 $740
BA6SH186 Step60"90"22" x 46"47 lbs $680 $795
BA6SH306 Step60"90"30" x 46"59 lbs $720 $850
BA7SH187 Step70"100"22" x 53"52 lbs $755$905
BA7SH307 Step70"100"30" x 53"66 lbs $825$990
BA8SH308 Step80"110"32" x 61"76 lbs$895 $1,070
BA10SH3010 Step100"130"32" x 74"98 lbs $1,070 $1,300

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