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Maintenance Work Platforms allow you to choose the style, height, and configuration that perfectly meets your commercial or industrial application. Our WORK PLATFORM have a 500 lbs. capacity and can be Modular or All Welded.. All meet or exceed OSHA standards. 800lb capacities and LARGER are available too.

Rolling Ladders, Cantilever Rolling Platforms, Double Entry Rolling Ladders, Rolling Platform Ladders, Overhang Work Platforms. All OSHA Compliant.


  • Virtually limitless configuration possibilities enable you to build large multi-height platforms that surround machinery or span entire factory or warehouse floor spaces.
  • Attach same-height extension units to select platforms to add 3 feet of width, or units of different height to create step-down areas
  • Extension units allow you to add up to 3 feet width to any platform
  • Rigid 1 1/4" round tubing provides superb strength and durability.
  • Steps are 36" wide and 9 1/2" deep with deeper platform at top for added stability.
  • Features technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip resistant footing.

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Item # Style # of Steps Overall Width Overall Length Platform Height Platform Width Platform Length Platform Height Weight Freight Class Price
CW0-21-0-30N/A3939213639217070 $344.00
CW0-27-0-30N/A3939273639277470 $400.00
CW0-33-0-30N/A3939333639337470 $403.00
CW0-39-0-30N/A3939393639397870 $409.00
CW0-45-0-30N/A3939453639457870 $415.00
CW1-21-2-3123957213639217070 $532.00
CW1-21-2-61239952136772114270 $950.00
CW1-33-3-3133957333639337470 $696.00
CW1-33-3-61339953336773315070 $1,196.00
CW2-21-2-3223948553639217070 $692.00
CW2-21-2-62239865536772114270 $1,256.00
CW3-21-2-3323957553639217070 $743.00
CW3-21-2-63239955536772114270 $1,237.00
CW4-21-2-3423948553639217070 $630.00
CW4-21-2-64239865536772114270 $1,122.00
CW5-27-3-3533957613639277470 $938.00
CW5-27-3-65339956136772715070 $1,602.00
CW5-33-3-3533957673639337470 $955.00
CW5-33-3-65339956736773315070 $1,647.00
CW6-33-3-3633975673639337470 $1,180.00
CW6-33-3-663391136736773315070 $1,779.00
CW6-45-4-3643993793639457870 $1,557.00
CW6-45-4-664391317936774515870 $2,165.00
CW7-27-3-3733957613639277470 $854.00
CW7-27-3-67339956136772715070 $1,435.00
CW7-33-3-3733957673639337470 $1,054.00
CW7-33-3-67339956736773315070 $1,652.00
CW7-45-4-3743966793639457870 $1,067.00
CW7-45-4-674391047936774515870 $1,676.00
CW8-39-4-3843966733639397870 $1,142.00
CW8-39-4-684391047336773915870 $1,839.00
CW8-45-4-3843966793639457870 $1,147.00
CW8-45-4-684391047936774515870 $1,846.00
CW9-33-3-3933975673639337470 $1,313.00
CW9-33-3-693391136736773315070 $2,005.00

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