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 OFM Distributor of CAFETERIA TABLES.  Cafeteria sets with COLORS can make a break room seating, lunch room seating and cafeteria seating EXCITING again. Try and MIX or MATCH Seat Colors and table top colors. Our All Steel Cafeteria Seats, Frame and Tops are used in playgrounds to lunchrooms. Our Cluster Cafeteria Tables & Restaurant Seating includes 4 attached STEEL LUNCH CHAIRS with an auto-return swivel feature. The CAFETERIA TABLE and chairs are both waterproof and fireproof. The frame features a scratch-resistant powder-coat paint finish. Available in a variety of seat and laminate colors or stainless steel tops and seats. Cafeteria Table seats and top colors can be mixed and matched. These are NOT Fiberglass



Cafeteria Steel Color Seats

w/Laminate Top  24" x 48" $525


  In/Out Door Stainless Steel Seating    

w/Laminate Top   24" x 48" $625

Cafeteria seats stainless 

  Fast Food Cafeteria Seating, Steel Chairs
w/Laminate Top 30" x 48" $625

Cafeteria seating

Cafeteria Seating can be sanitary


Break Room, Hospital Cafeteria

Stainless Steel Chairs &

Laminate Top
30" x 48" $675



Also Stainless Steel Cafeteria Seats with Stainless Steel Tops!


Outdoor Color Seats
& Stainless Steel Table Top 24" x 48" $525


Cluster Seating Stainless
Seats & Stainless Top 24" x 48" $625


Cafeteria Seating Color Seats
Stainless Steel Top 30" x 48" $600

Fast Food Seating

Cafeteria Seating Stainless Seats & Stainless Top 30" x 48" $725

Cafeteria Seating 1

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N E W ! Standing Height Tables With Swivel Seats

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9012 a

9016- 300






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Bench Cafeteria Seating w/Stainless Steel Tops, Stand-a-lone or Wall Mount

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Lunch Room Seating w/Middle Frame
& Stainless Steel Table Top
24" x 48" $650

Bench Cafeteria Seating

Cafeteria Bench w/Wall Frame
& Stainless Steel Table Top
24" x 48" $685

Breakromm tables!

Lunch Room Table w/Middle Frame
& Stainless Steel Table Top
30" x 48" $725


Stylish Break

Room Bench w/Wall Frame
& Stainless Steel Table Top
30" x 48" $765



Cafeteria Tables, Folding Tables, Stacking Chairs, WholeSale!

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Barricks Cafeteria Bench Tables, Lunch Tables, WholeSale!


Cafeteria Bench Seating

Cafeteria Bench Seating is economical



Barricks Bench Seating is economical and sanitary



 standardlunch colors 279x300 Cafeteria Seating with Steel Seats & Tops, NOT FIBERGLASS, 888.661.0845











High Pressure Laminate Seat & Top; All Steel Frame Life Time Warranty;  500lb Seat Capacity;

Model # Style Person Capacity Table Size Table Height Bench Height Weight (lbs) Price
 NB-4-30-P Bench Top 4 max 30" x 48" 29" 18" 134 $460
 NB-5-30-P Bench Top 6 max 30" x 60" 29" 18" 140 $475
 NB-6-30-P Bench Top 8 max 30" x 72" 29" 18" 155 $500
 NB-8-30-P Bench Top 10 max 30" x 96" 29" 18" 187 $575
 WB-30-6-P Bench with Backs 8 max 30" x 72" 29" 18" 187 $535
 WB-30-8-P Bench with Backs 10 max 30" x 96" 29" 18" 240 $650
 NBR-48 Round Top 6 max 48" diameter 29" 18" 172 $570
 NBR-60 Round Top 8 max 60" diameter 29" 18" 214 $660
 NBS-48 Square Top   8 max 48" square 29" 18" 207


Cafeteria-Tables A      cafeteria table            

cafeteria table

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Cafeteria Seating

Cafeteria Seating, Cluster cafeteria seating,

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