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Adjustable Height Cantilever Rolling Platform



9 Step     50" to 90" Range     #AH5090  $5500

12 Step  80" to 120" Range    #AH80120 $5700

Hydraulic or Shop Air, Same Price


Whether the challenge is simple or more complex to meet the flexibility of warehousing or aviation an adjustable platform is the answer. Platforms can be designed to change height or platform size using a wide variety of techniques and power sources, tailored to meet the specific challenge.

  • Steps articulate as height adjusts !                                                                                                                     

  • 50"-90" and 80"-120" range models
  • Powered and manual models                                Tri-Arc
  • 500 lb. rated capacity
  • Diamond plate platform surface
  • Serrated 11 3/4" deep steps
  • 42" guardrails
  • Exit chains on top platform
  • 8"x2" Locking casters
  • Hybrid aluminum and steel construction
  • Meets OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI A14.7


Custom Articulating Rising Platform

Custom Articulating Rising Platform


Adjustable Height CantileverCantilever-Ladder-Concept








Aircraft Maintenance Platformrolling ladder

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