Cotterman ML15W


Cotterman ML15W, our economical manual winch, Maxi-Lift rolls thru a 36" wide doorway.

This Manual Winch MAN LIFT is simple to use and maintain. This MAINTENANCE LIFT is quickly elevated to the desired working height with a hand crank winch then the user climbs a ladder to the platform. A built in safety features include a friction brake on the winch and outriggers that can be placed in an X pattern or rectangular. In addition, in case the cable is cut or snaps, a spring loaded mechanical stop engages as soon as tension is released from the cable, preventing a vertical drop.


MODEL NO. Pltfrm Height Retracted Height Capacity Platform Size Base Dimension Handrail Height
300 lbs.
25.5"x 29"
29"x 59"
Foot Print 90° Foot Print 45° Shipping Weight Freight Crated Price
63"x 57"
66"x 72"
960 lbs.

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Video on Maxi-Lift applications and how to safely use. 11/19/2012

cotterman ML15W

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