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Scissor Lift Tables are Available in Several Tops Sizes, Lifting Heights, and Capacities. Call a Material Handling PRO!

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Electric Scissor Lift


Full featured electric hydraulic SCISSOR LIFT TABLES and SCISSOR CARTS are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. SCISSOR TABLE Safety features include: electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height regardless of hydraulic pressure, 24V AC push-button hand control, maintenance prop, and upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height reducing motor wear. 2HP, 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, other voltages available. 3000 psi hydraulic component rating.

Model # Capacity (lbs) Table Size Lowered Raised Price
 EHLT-3060-3-433,00030" x 60"7"43" $2,525
 EHLT-4048-3-433,00040" x 48"7"43" $2,550
 EHLT-4872-3-433,00048" x 72"7"43" $2,560
 EHLT-3060-4-434,00030" x 60"7"43" $2,575
 EHLT-4048-4-434,00040" x 48"7"43" $2,850
 EHLT-4872-4-434,00048" x 72"7"43" $3,225
 EHLT-3648-6-446,00036" x 48"8"44" $3,250
 EHLT-4872-6-446,00048" x 72"8"44" $3,275
 EHLT-4060-10-4310,00040" x 60"10"43" $3,300
 EHLT-4872-10-4310,00048" x 72"10"43" $3,325

Optional Equipment

 EHLT-RC  Cordless remote control; 150ft. range   $629
 EHLT-SCALE  Integral Scale;  adds 3" in height   $1425
 PROGRAM  Programmable height
 FC-2  Foot control
 EHLT-ACC  Accordion Skirting; installed per sq. ft
 Footage Formula: [(W + W + L + L) x H] / 144 = sq. ft.
 W = table width  L = table length  H = raise height
  $15 / sq. ft.

DC Powered Hydraulic Carts

Scissor Carts

These carts are ideal for quick lifting and ergonomic material handling. Battery-powered unit will raise and lower platform with the push of a button. Unit rolls on two rigid and two swivel polyurethane casters. Includes battery and on-board battery charger.

Model # Description Platform (WxL) Capacity (lbs,) Service Range Net Wt.
 CART-1000D-DCDouble20-1/2" x 39-3/4"100019-1/2" to 63-3/4"484
 CART-1000-DCSingle20-1/2" x 39-3/4"100017-1/2" to 37-1/2"419
 CART-1000-LD-DCSingle24-1/2" x 60"100017-1/2" to 45"473
 CART-2000-DCSingle20" x 40"200015" to 39"360
 CART-DS-1000Double20" x 33"100014" to 40"370
 CART-SCTAB-500-DCSingle20" x 33"50013" to 35"366
 CART-SCTAB -750D-DCDouble20" x 40"75014" to 42"387
 CART-SCTAB-1000-DCSingle20" x 40"100014" to 38"402
 CART-SCTAB-2000-DCSingle42" x 42"200015" to 39"514

Standard Elevating Carts

Scissor Cart

Portable ergonomic elevating carts minimize worker bending and lifting. Material can be easily loaded onto cart from table, lowered to safe transporting height, and raised to unload at destination. Foot pump includes a soft-lowering down valve. Move easily on four polyurethane casters, two swivel with brakes and two rigid. All models feature an internal hydraulic velocity fuse in each cylinder. Steel or stainless steel construction.

Model # Description Platform (WxL) Capacity Service Range Foot Pump Speed Net Wt.
 CART-200DDouble17.5" x 27.5"220 lbs.13" to 50"Single140
 CART-400Single17.5" x 27.5"400 lbs.8-1/8" to 29"Single108
 CART-750-TSSingle19.75" x 32.5"750 lbs.15-1/2" to 35-1/2"Two255
 CART-800-DTSDouble20" x 35.5"800 lbs.15-1/2" to 50-3/4"Two330
 CART-1000-TSSingle19.75" x 32.5"1000 lbs.15-1/2" to 35-1/2"Two205
 CART-1000-LDSingle31.5" x 63"1000 lbs.15" to 36"Two340
 CART-1500-DTSDouble24" x 47.5"1500 lbs.19" to 68"Two552
 CART-1750Single20" x 39.5"1750 lbs.16" to 39"Single288
 CART-DS-1000-MDouble20" x 33"1000 lbs.14" to 40"Two355
 CART-2000-WDSingle32" x 40"2000 lbs.15" to 39"Two285
 CART-2000Single20" x 40"2000 lbs.15" to 39"Two288
 CART-4000Single24" x 47"4000 lbs.15-1/2" to 40"Two595
 CART-200-PSS Stainless17.5" x 27.5"200 lbs.13" to 50"Single128
 CART-550-SS Stainless19.5" x 31.5"550 lbs.9-3/4" to 33-1/2"Two160
 CART-1000-PSS Stainless19" x 32"1000 lbs.15-1/2" to 35-1/2"Single299
 CART-1100-SS Stainless23.5" x 35.5"1100 lbs.13" to 38-1/2"Two240


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