Tri-Arc Cantilever Ladders

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Supported Cantilever Ladder

Supported Cantilever Ladder

Tri-Arc Cantilever Ladders come in several standard designs. These listed here are the Tri Arc SUPPORTED CANTILEVERS with bottom arm supports. A counter balance is not necessary.  Tri-Arc Cantilever ladders come unassembled.

Tri-Arc Cantilever ladders are available in two styles. Cantilever Supported Platforms are really a Rolling Cantilever Ladder without a counter-balance weight. These Rolling Supported Cantilevers are different because the are built with a support frame and not with a counter balance weight. A Supported Cantilever Ladder is useful in inventory stocking, maintenance, reaching over obstacles, cargo inspection and is very Economical too.





Standard Features                   Cantilever Supported Platforms

  • 50 degree slope is standard
  • 24" wide steps and 10" rise
  • 20" deep top platform
  • 4" Top Safety Kick Plates
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 42" handrail with a 21" midrail
  • Yellow industrial Powder Coat Finish




Cantilever Rolling Platforms can be a Counter Balance or on a Supported Frame.



Supported Cantilever Rolling Ladders are Available When Other Types of Cantilevers Aren't Necessary

Cantilever Rolling Ladders: Supported or Un-Supported? The basic Un-Supported seems to be the preference of maintenance personnel. The extended platform of this platform is balanced by a Counter Balance weight located in the frame base on the opposite end.
The Supported Cantilever Ladder has a frame that is often equal in length with the top platform. The obvious difference is that a Supported Rolling Cantilever Ladders bottom frame MUST roll under your object while the Un-Supported Cantilever platform doesn't have this possible obstruction. Your QUESTIONS are WELCOMED !

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Standard Features

  • 50 degree slope is standard Cantilever ladder
  • 24" wide steps and 10" rise
  • 20" deep top platform
  • 4" Top Safety Kick Plates
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 42" handrail with a 21" midrail
  • Yellow industrial Powder Coat Finish



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Tread Styles Available

Item # Steps Platform "Height" Platform "W x D" Overhang
Base "W x D"


SC-520550"24" x 20"20"30" x 64"90 lbs $1000 $1050
SC-530550"24" X 30"30"30" X 74"100 lbs $1050 $1100
SC-540550"24" x 40"40"30" x 84"110 lbs $1100 $1170
SC-620660"24" x20"20"30" x 72"120 lbs $1050 $1140
SC-630660"24" X30"30"30" x 82"130 lbs $1100 $1200
SC-640660"24" x 40"40"30" x 92"140 lbs $1150 $1250
SC-720770"24" x 20"20"30" x 81"150 lbs $1175 $1250
SC-730770"24" x 30"30"30" x 91"160 lbs $1225 $1300
SC-740770"24" x 40"40"30" x 101"170 lbs $1275 $1375
SC-820880"24" x 20"20"30" x 89"120 lbs $1225 $1325
SC-830880"24" X 30"30"30" x 99"130 lbs $1275 $1375
SC-840880"24" x 40"40"30" x 109"140 lbs $1300 $1425
SC-920990"24" x 20"20"30" x 97"150 lbs $1290 $1390
SC-930990"24" x 30"30"30" x 107"160 lbs $1350 $1450
SC-940990"24" x 40"40"30" x 117"170 lbs $1390 $1490

Wholesale Prices as of 5/15/2013




Please consult this diagram for a clear depiction of how we measure and describe our ladders and platforms.

  • A = Step Height or Platform Height (generally measured 10" per step) Custom Work Platforms HomelandMFG1 300x300 Rolling Ladder, Seen In HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES 888 661 0845
  • B = Step/Platform Width
  • C = Platform Depth
  • D = Overall Depth (found at base)
  • E = Overall Width (found at base)





All of our products ship using the industry standards for ladders and work platforms. After a thorough Quality Check is performed on each product, they are either palatalized or crated. Shrink wrapping and padding adds an extra layer of protection. Always inspect your shipment upon delivery.


Cantilever Platform Ladder

Cantilever Platform Ladder










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