15F1986 Adjustable height maintenance stand

15F1986 Adjustable height maintenance stand is the best value for all standard size mobile platforms. This deck has a beefy 4' x 11' platform.

15F1986 adjustable height maintenance stand with a 3' to 11' adjusting platform. Huge 4' x 11' deck. Casters and flexible stairs are standard. All steel and aluminum construction.

15F1986 adjustable maintenance stand

Articulating stairs keep level at any height

Standard Features:

*Non-slip self-cleaning steps and platform
*500 lb capacity;
*Heavy-duty casters and 16” dia.
  Pneumatic tires make it easy to move from job-
*Stair and platform railings can be lifted
  out and stored on the base;
*Base, stairs, and platform stay parallel at
  any height position;
*All-steel, welded construction;
* Adjustable to any height within its 3 to 11
  feet platform floor range;
4' x 11' platform with handrails;
Larger Caster Package;  Solid Tires;                                                                     $6950
15F1986 adjustable maintenance stand

15F1986 adjustable maintenance stand EASY STORAGE

articulating stairs

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