Access Stairway all steel, aluminum, galvanized

access stairway light weight

Access stairway light weight

Access Stairway can be Bolted into position. Custom to your specs too.

57degree heavy duty 300 load capacity

The access stairway is a quick and efficient ladder we originally built to reach storage areas and lofts. The slope is a bit steeper than normal stairways, yet does not take up as much floor area. For a compact, easy to install stairway, consider the access stairway. We build them to standard and also custom heights.

Standard Features

access ladder steel, aluminum or galvanized

Access ladder steel, aluminum or galvanized

  • 57 degree slope is standard
  • 24" wide steps
  • 14" deep top platform
  • Mounts at legs and top platform for bolting
  • Several lengths to choose from (see catalog)
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 30" handrails
  • Gray industrial enamel finish



  • Mid Resting Platforms
  • Heavier Capacities
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Galvanized
  • Longer Top Platform Extension
  • Almost Any Slope

Tread Styles Available

perforated serrated Many sizes and styles to choose from.




Landing Height

Overall Height

Base Clearance




PWSW4H24 4 40"70"34"40 lbs  
PWSW5H24 5 50"80"42"50 lbs  
PWSW6H24 6 60"90"48"60 lbs  
PWSW7H24 7 70"100"55"71 lbs  
PWSW8H24 8 80"110"61"82 lbs  
PWSW9H24 9 90"120"67"93 lbs  
PWSW10H24 10 100"130"74"105 lbs  
PWSW11H24 11 110"140"83"122 lbs  
PWSW12H24 12 120"150"89"132 lbs  


access stairway for steel buildings

Stairway can be simple construction

access stairway on red steel building

Steel access stairway heavy duty


aluminum access ladder

Aluminum access ladder



aluminum access ladder walkway

Aluminum access ladder walkway

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folding access ladder deck access

Folding access ladder deck access

Access ladder for limited space

Access ladder for limited space










Folding Ladders; Save Space, Easy to Use, Economical and Rugged!

The Folding MEZZANINE LADDER is ratcheted into climbing angle and back into stored position. Two wheels roll on the ground when ratcheted and the handrails mechanically rise into climb position when ladder locks into position. Three minutes to extend and retract the ladder. The mezzanine ladder allows for quick installation with mounting bracket provided for bolt-on installation or welded installation. Steps are 24" wide. Powder-coated paint finish. Meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements. These MEZZANINE LADDERS have a 350lb. capacity and a 58% incline. Call a Rolling Ladder PRO!


Mezzanine Height Open Floor Space

VFM8 7'9" TO 8' 3" 61"  

VFM9 8'9" TO 9'3" 73"    

VFM10 9"9" TO 10'3" 85" 

  prices updated 4/20/20

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