Adjustable Platforms

Adjustable Platforms found here. We carry the complete lineup: 15F900, 15F1986, 15F2011, 15F2698, 15F3060, 15F3065, 15F3092 

Our Mobile Adjustable Height Platforms are available in many sizes.

  •  Heavy duty casters for easy mobility from job-to-job.
  •  Self-cleaning steps and platform stay parallel at any height position.
  •  Fully contained hydraulic system.

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Adjustable Height with Walk Off Safety Deck

Adjustable Height with Walk Off Safety Deck

15F3065_maintenance_stand 1

Two Models: 36" -86" and 88" -135" Deck Height. Model # 3065


Huge 4' x 7' Deck Space. 16" Pneumatic Casters. Removable Stair and Platform Railings.


Recommended for Maintenance for the #2 Engine on DC10/MD11


36" x 60" Decking with Swing Out Safety Gate/Handrails. Hand Adjustable Screw Jacks for Leveling.


50" x 145" Deck Area. Adjustable Pull Out Planks. Integrated Forklift Pockets in Frame.

15F1900 stand

The 1900 Series is Adjustable from 3' to 12' and is available with a larger deck.


















48" x 108" Deck Area. 50" Wide Grip-Strup Treads. Parallelogram Cross Bracing Keeps Steps Level.


Ready to Roll to WORK, 15F1986

Ready to Roll to WORK, 15F1986          Adjustable from 3' to 10' Deck Height


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