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ADVANCE LIFTS is the leading dock lift manufacturer in the country. NEW product development listed here.












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Advance Lifts have maintained this position through innovative design, fast delivery and superior service.  Product lines  include scissor lift tables, product tilters, turntables, dumpers, mezzanine lifts, and work access platform lifts. A/L has state of the art equipment and a well trained group of engineers. Production personnel are dedicated to providing  outstanding products too. A/L goal is to make the entire process of buying, installing, using and servicing of their products as easy and trouble free as possible.  Each and every one of A/L customers are important. Contact at Advance Lifts PRO.

Work Access Platform                                                                                 Mezzanine Lifts

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Dock Lifts

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Dock_liftsScissor Lift Tables













 Self-Dumping Dumpters

Self-Dumping Dumpster

Self-Leveling Palletizer












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eh78 dock leveler

 Advanced Lifts








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