Mezzanine Lift


Rider Mezzanine Lifts

Mezzanine lifts and scissor lifts have been safely moving men and material from ground level to higher elevations for more than 60 years and are an economical alternative to reciprocating conveyors and elevators with their elaborate guiding and hoisting mechanisms. Advance Lifts mezzanine lifts are built by Advance Lifts, giving you the absolute best in customer service and support.


  • All models are equipped with a hinged bridge equipped with a pull back chain.
  • All models have an approach ramp.
  • All of the electrical controllers are Underwriters Laboratories approved assemblies.
  • Each unit is washed with phosphoric acid, fully primed and then finished with baked enamel.
  • All cylinders are machine grade with clear plastic return lines.
  • All pressure hoses are double wire braid with JIC fittings.
  • Reservoirs are mild steel.

These units conform to all applicable ANSI codes



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