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 Work Access Platforms, by Advance Lifts, production applications are broadly varied. These may include welding, painting, assembly, fabrication, inspection and maintenance. Because Work Access Platforms applications are unique to each task being performed. The object being worked on must also be considered. Each lift may be custom designed to the specific application. This guide is designed to help you organize and prioritize your requirements so they may be resolved into appropriate specifications for your work access lift









1. Overall size: The first consideration is the overall room required for personnel, tools, materials and work aids such as tables, work benches, jib cranes, tool cribs or boxes, and any other items that will enhance worker efficiency. Be sure that the surface area is large enough so that personnel are not crowded or cramped, Adequate maneuvering room is only assured when everything on the platform is accounted for including the maximum number of personnel. A good starting point is to draw a scaled plan view of the work object outline and the adjacent access lift platform outline with top views of all of the objects that you intend to place on the lift. This is your best insurance that there will be adequate room for everything 0n the platform.

2. Cut outs and or platform extensions: The scaled drawing of the work object and the lift platform can also be used to determine if any platform extensions or cut outs are required. When a straight sided platform does not interface well with the item being worked on, the foot print of the lifting mechanism beneath the work surface often dictates whether it makes more sense to provide platform extensions or to provide platform cut outs. Sometimes both are needed, Extensions may be permanent, fold down (hinged) or powered horizontal extensions. Obviously the more complicated the more expensive. Be sure that we are provided an accurate dimensioned sketch of the platform outline that is required. With over 1500 standard products, small increments can determine whether a standard lifting mechanism can be used or a more expensive custom engineered lift will be required. We will let you know if there is a near miss to a standard product that can save you money.


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