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Cargo Lifts Residential ship anywhere.  BIG BASKETS, Up to 3 Gates on BASKET! Realistic HEAVY CAPACITY and Best VALUE on the Planet, $6,800. You found a PRO.

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Residential Lifts with Easy DIY Install. Best and Courteous People on the Planet found HERE. Specialty Contractors License #SCC131152456

  Material Lifts are constructed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation. The 'standard' lift package contains the aluminum cage. The lift motor, aluminum frame, control box and wiring are also included. $6,800. Up to 3 gates available on basket for easy loading.

residential cargo lift baskets

Complete units IN STOCK for Customer Pick-Up or FAST Delivery too!  Residential Shipping and installation is available. 















If permits are required they must be pulled by contractor or home owner.

 Residential LIFTS are Manufactured in the USA. FAST Delivery.

  • Dual winder and dual cable—with no pulleys—to eliminate cable friction and ensure long life and durability

  • Transports up to 1000 lbs

  • Up to 3 Gates per Basket

  • 2 stop and 3 stop cargo lift options

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Lifts at a rate of 14 feet per minute

  • Engineered for indoor and outdoor use

  • Units are Aluminum & Stainless Steel  Construction, Heavy Capacity Baskets

  • 5 Year Warranty on Cage, 1 Year on Electrical

  • 200 MPH Wind Rated

  • Safety MESH Sides are Available on some units

    Cargo lift 3 gate position possibilities


Visit Our Self Help Pages for the DO-IT-YOUR-SELFERS:

The Baskets can be customize with powder coating, custom accordion gates, safety MESH siding, higher capacity and your special size requirements.

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Cargo Lift Dimensions and deck installation info found HERE

Cargo Lift Dimensions and deck installation info found HERE

a cargo lift accessories

Cargo Lift accessories found HERE

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cargo lift

Grocery lift small area placement

cargo lift Florida waterfront stilt home

Cargo lift homeowner installed


cargo lift on stilt house with lifting furniture

Cargo Lifts Designed for Moving BIG ITEMS with a BIG BASKET!

Cargo-Lift stilt house with side brace mounting

This brace is used for most Deck/Porch installations.

Cargo Lift

Cargo Lift thru deck

beach cargo lift

Constructed for Water Front Homes

Commercial Cargo Lift

Commercial Cargo Lift with RAMP. No need for redundant motors ! Same speed, same lifting capacity.















  Visit Our Self Help Pages for the DO-IT-YOUR-SELFERS:

These Cargo Lifts can be customize with powder coating, custom accordion gates, higher capacity and special size requirements. Cargo Lift accordion gate

cargo lift ground installation

Support Poles Can be Either Mounted On a Porch Deck or Secured in the Ground


Cargo Lift shipped to Bahamas

We ship to the Bahamas and S. America too !


cargo lift delivery

Dedicated Trucks for FAST Delivery and Installation.

Motor can be installed on either end of support poles for easy access

Cargo Lift side yard











Cargo Lift custom basket

cargo lift wood decking

Galaxy lift custom brace. 4 style of braces In Stock for every deck configuration



                                                       We can help you decide on basket position possibilities. Safety Mesh Cargo Lift  


The units are manufactured with durable stainless steel cables and aluminum welding to last a lifetime. These lifts are excellent for raised coastal region homes and storage lofts. Baskets are routinely used to transport groceries. When large items, like furniture and refrigerators, need to be moved the basket system is necessary.

Lifts can be used to access a storage mezzanine or deck.



cargo lifts Florida Keys

Cargo lifts going to Florida Keys

Cargo Lift painted

Special Brown Powder Coat paint. CUSTOMER installed in recessed concrete decking.

Cargo Lift thru deck

Galaxy cargo lift

Galaxy Cargo Lift 888-661-0845

cargo lift waterfront

Cargo Lift on pavers

cargo lift concrete pad

Cargo Lift recessed mounting pad


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