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Cotterman series 2600

Cotterman Series 2600 is the Cotterman Heavy-Duty Rolling Ladder. With SAFE Forward Descent Too. The SAFEST Way to Carry Inventory, Tools, a Products Up/Down Stairways is the Cotterman Series 2600.

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cotterman 2600Cotterman Series 2600 for High Traffic or Industrial Environments. 450 lb. Rating! Cotterman Series 2600, are designed to withstand the abuse that is encountered in high traffic or industrial environments.

Cotterman Series 2600 ships disassembled and has a 50 degree climbing angle. This Warehouse Rolling Ladder has larger 1¼" diameter tubing used in the base and in the vertical back panel. In addition, these ladders are rated at 450 lb. capacity. The steps are 7" deep, with 12" top step standard and an optional 24" deep platform is available. The series is offered in nine to fifteen step models. 12-step and taller ladders ship skid mounted. The ladder is powder coated with high gloss powder. Pick your color from our 11 stock choices. Treads can be Selected for highest slip resistance, expanded metal mesh or Grip Strut for heavy industrial environments. The Cotterman Safelock system is standard on all ladders.

• The easy 50° climbing angle permits forward descent to comply
with ANSI standards.
• 450 lb. load rating exceeds OSHA ANSI requirements.
• Larger 1 1/2o.d. tubular base and back.
• 7" steps and 11" top step available in three tread types.
• Ladders are provided with the Cotterman heavy duty Safe-Lock
caster system.
• Gray powder coat is the standard finish. Beige, dark brown, yel-
low, black, green, blue, red, white, orange and light gray are avail-
• The Series 2600 meets or exceeds OSHA 1910.29, ANSI A14.7.
Cal-OSHA models also available.
A-1 A-3 A-6


Easy Slope Rolling Ladder Knocked Down Model

Model ## StepsTop
Base SizeWeight
( Lbs )
W L(A-6)(A-1)(A-3)
  26" Wide at Top
2609R26329901203288178$830 $830 $965
2610R2632 101001303297195$885 $885 $1,025
2611R26321111014032106230$1,025 $1,025 $1,185
2612R2632 1212016232116358$1,115 $1,115 $1.295
2613R2642 1313017242125386$1.250 $1,250 $1,445
2614R2642 1414018242134425$1,320 $1,320 $1,525
2615R2642 1515019242143456$1,380 $1,380 $1,595
  32" Wide at Top
2609R32329901203288211 $910$1,060
2610R3232 101001303297230 $975$1,125
2611R3232 1111014032106255 $1,125$1,295
2612R3232 1212016232116383 $1,225$1,425
2613R3242 1313017242125423 $1,365 $1,575
2614R3242 1414018242134463 $1,445$1,650
2615R3242 1515019242143500 $1,515$1,750
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cotterman series 2600 




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cotterman series 2600

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