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Cotterman Series 6500Folds into itself for easy Transportation

The Cotterman Series 6500 disassembles easily and folds into itself for easy transportation or storage. The rear casters are 10" diameter solid rubber wheels. The front end rests on legs with rubber pads. Cotterman Safelock caster system is available on all models for an additional charge. Climbing angle is 59 degrees. The ladder is powder coated with high gloss powder. Pick your color from our 11 stock choices. The steps are 7" deep, with the top step being your choice of 10" or 20". Tread selections are expanded metal mesh or Grip Strut for heavy industrial environments. The load rating is 300lbs.

Roll and Fold ladder








• Rigid 1" O.D. tubular frame is designed to be folded.
• Large 10" diameter ball bearing solid rubber wheels are mounted on heavy" axles.
• Treads are 7" deep and 16" wide, and are available in A1 expanded metal or A3 Grip Strut. The standard
top step is 10" deep and 16" wide, and E4-20 is 20" deep and 16" wide.
• Gray powder coat is the standard finish. Beige, dark brown, yellow, black, green, blue, red, white, orange
and light gray are available.
• Series 6500 ladders comply with OSHA 1910.29 and ANSI A14.7 standards with a 300 lb. load rating.
Cal-OSHA models also available.
• Safe lock standard on 10-16 steps.

Fold-n-Store Rolling Ladders offer  safety and more flexibility compared to conventional fixed ladders. Our folding ladders are very easy to carry and can be used almost anywhere.  transferring it from one work area to another is easy. They are versatile and may be used for any type of work.



Fold-n-Store Rolling Ladder

Model #

# Steps

 ( Lbs ) 
Top StepOver allL (A-1) (A-3) 
  6505R183055080304695$385 $430 
  6506R1830660903053114$425 $470 
  6507R18307701003058126$450 $505 
  6508R18308801103065140$480 $550 
  6509R18309901203072152$515 $595 
  6510R1830101001303078183$665 $750 
6511R1830111101403086195$695 $790 
6512R18301212016230 92309$765 $870 
6516R18301616020240 119405$945$1,075 




















Roll and Fold ladder

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