Crossover Ladder for foot traffic

A CROSSOVER LADDER is available in standard and custom sizes.

A CROSSOVER LADDER is designed to clear electrical wires, pipes, conveyors and other obstacles for foot traffic.

cross over ladder aluminum

Cross over ladder made from aluminum

cross over ladder extended decking

Cross over ladder with extended decking

     CrossOver Ladders Can Be Galvanized Too !

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Cross-over-platform any design

57degree heavy duty 300 load capacity


  Custom designed to clear obstacles of various heights and lengths. We can GALVANIZE CROSS OVER PLATFORMS.  SPECIAL Aluminum Cross Over Ladders with Clean-out Trays for food line conveyors too!

Custom build to your design or layout. Call a PRO. Call a Professional for Courteous help.

Standard Cross Over Ladder Features

  • 57 degree slope is standard
  • 24" wide steps
  • Mounts at legs for bolting or non-marring rubber legs
  • Several clearance sizes to choose from (see catalog)
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 30" handrails
  • Gray industrial enamel finish

Tread Styles Available

perforated serrated Many sizes and styles to choose from.

Standard Steel Cross Over Ladders

Item # Steps Platform "Height" Platform "W x D" Clearance "H x W" Base "W x D"


C04035440"24" x 35"37" x 21"26" x 75"84 lbs  
C04042440"24" X 42"37" X 28"26" X 82"89 lbs  
C04049440"24" x 49"37" x 35"26" x 89"96 lbs  
C05035550"24" x 35"47" x 21"26" x 91"145 lbs  
C05042550"24" X 42"47" X 28"26" x 98"151 lbs  
C05049550"24" x 49"47" x 35"26" x 105"160 lbs  
C06035660"24" x 35"57" x 21"26" x 103"180 lbs  
C06042660"24" x 42"57" x 21"26" x 110"186 lbs  
C06049660"24" x 49"57" x 35"26" x 117"199 lbs  

Please consult this diagram for a clear depiction of how we measure and describe our ladders and platforms.

  • A = Step Height is Platform Height (generally measured 10" per step) Custom Work Platforms HomelandMFG1 300x300 Rolling Ladder, Seen In HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES 888 661 0845
  • B = Step/Platform Width Between Frame
  • C = Platform Depth
  • D = Base Depth Measurement (found at base)
  • E = Frame Width (found at base)

All of our products ship using the industry standards for ladders and work platforms. A Quality Check is performed on each product. Ladders are palatalized or crated depending on their size. Shrink wrapping and padding adds an extra layer of protection. Always inspect your shipment upon delivery.






Cross over stairway galvanized

Ladder cross overs allow access to all areas of a factory


Cross Over Ladder

Pallet shipping










Portable cross over ladder with leg pads

Portable crossover ladder with leg pads



 crossover ladder any size or width of decking








cross over ladder 








CrossOver Ladder with custom designscrossover ladder 120" deck height



Cantilever cross over ladder for rail cars

Cantilever cross over Platform Ladder for going over walls and obstacles,


galvanized crossover ladder

Galvanized crossover ladder


Crossover ladders extended decks

Custom crossover cantilevers built for any special requirement

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