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Fixed steel ladders for building side walls. Can be steel, aluminum or galvanized.

Fixed steel ladders for roof access.

fixed building roof ladders

Fixed-steel-ladder with 3 designsFixed steel ladder with safety cage










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FIXED STEEL LADDERS: Standard vertical steel ladders and caged ladders are the ladders you typically see on the sides of buildings to access rooftops. The ladders require, depending on your building codes, a platform to 'rest' and a cage for added safety. Walk-thru style handrails at the top of the ladder allow workers to walk onto and off the next level with safety in mind. We build these to any height requested by the customer. We also create any design to meet specific building codes and customer needs. Call a FIXED BUILDING LADDER PRO!

Standard Fixed Building Ladder Features

  • 22" overall width
  • Caged ladders available
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 42" handrails if equipped
  • Mounts extend 7" from wall
  • Gray industrial enamel finish
  • ANSI and OSHA compliant
  • Heavy Duty Capacity is available


 We Can Build to Your Concept or Prints!

# of
Rung to Rung
Wall Mount


65 ft.8'9"06FLPT$
76 ft.9'9"07FLPT$
87 ft.10'9"08FLPT$
98 ft.11'9"09FLPT$
109 ft.12'9"10FLPT$
1110 ft.13'9''11FLPT$300
1211 ft.14'9''12FLPT$330
1312 ft.15'9''13FLPT$355
1413 ft.16'9''14FLPT$385
1514 ft.17'9''15FLTP$410
1615 ft.18'9''16FLPT$440
1716 ft.19'9''17FLPT$465
1817 ft.20'9''18FLPT$495
1918 ft.21'9''19FLPT$520
2019 ft.22'9''20FLPT$550
2120 ft.23'9''21FLPT$575
* Caged Models *
1110 ft.13'9''11FLC$900
1211 ft.14'9''12FLC$1,000
1312 ft.15'9''13FLC$1,100
1413 ft.16'9''14FLC$1,200
1514 ft.17'9''15FLC$1,250
1615 ft.18'9''16FLC$1,325
1716 ft.19'9''17FLC$1,400
1817 ft.20'9''18FLC$1,475
1918 ft.21'9''19FLC$1,600
2019 ft.22'9''20FLC$1,700
2120 ft.23'9''21FLC$1,800
item#Optional ItemsPrice
RDBottom Rung Door; Wire Mesh$315
CDBottom Cage Door; Wire Mesh$236
WM11" wall mounts;  7" is standard$37

+FIXED STEEL LADDERS galvanizedFixed access ladder for roof access

Cotterman Fixed Building Roof Access Ladders

Cotterman Fixed Building Roof Access Ladders

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