Folding Mezzanine Ladders fold to save on floor space,

Folding Mezzanine Ladders save on floor space. Standard Heights found here.

 Folding Mezzanine Ladders Save Space.

Easy to Use, Economical and Rugged!

The easy to use FOLDING LADDER is ratcheted into the climbing angle and back into stored position. Two wheels roll on the ground when ratcheted. Handrails rise into climb position when ladder locks into position. Three minutes to extend and retract the ladder. The mezzanine ladder is easy to install. The provided mounting bracket can be used for bolt-on or welded installation. Steps are 24" wide. Powder-coated paint finish.  Meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements. These LADDERS have a 350lb. capacity and a 58% incline. Call a Rolling Ladder PRO!

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folding mezzanine ladder in folded position

ladder in FOLDED position

folding mezzannine ladder in OPEN position

ladder in OPEN position









folding mezzanine ladder hand ratchet

ladder hand ratchet

Mezzanine Height   Open Floor Space

VFM8   7'9" TO 8' 3"     61"   $1825

VFM9    8'9" TO 9'3"     73"   $1895

VFM10  9"9" TO 10'3"  85"   $2125


Prices updated 4/6/20

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