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Office Coffee Stations are a sanitary and organized place to store coffee supplies.

office coffee stations and condiment trays









 Our Office Coffee Stations are available in several models.

Double steel side walls and lockable storage too. All coffee stands are available for fast delivery.

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Office coffee station Allstate-OSC200 in black

OSC 200 Coffee Station is our most popular size.$215.
This is a great choice for any office or break room. This Coffee Stand has a 4 section condiment tray. The top is perfect for an office coffee brewer or microwave. The cabinet has a lockable storage door down below. Unit has an optional bottom shelf available.
Specifications: Top 23.25" wide x 19" deep x 32" high. Cabinet 23.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 32" high, with shelf and condiment tray. 60lbs. $215.00
OSC-250 office coffee station two coffee pots
OSC 250 office coffee stand with oak Formica top & 4 cylinder condiment cups. $325
Specifications: Top 35" wide x 19.5" deep x 32" high. Cabinet 23.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 32" high, with shelf.
coffee-station-large work spaceOSC 360 extra large break room coffee stand, $328.
Specifications: Top 36.25" wide x 19" deep x 32" high. Cabinet 36.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 32" high, with 4 cylindrical condiment cups and condiment tray.
coffee station with large trash bin
OSC360AV/KE Convenient and large cafeteria coffee stand with a trash collection chute. Cabinet 36.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 32" high with hole. $420
  • Double side-wall for stability and strength
  • Locked lower storage
coffee station with electric plugOSC 36-ET On wheels with electrical receptacles. $425.
The most convenient coffee cart you will find anywhere. Plug in the coffee maker, plug in the microwave oven, and roll it on handsome heavy duty locking swivel casters to where it fits best. The stand itself will plug into the wall utilizing a built in 10 foot power cord. This corporate tool has it all. Four stainless steel utensil/condiment cups and a four part condiment tray makes this unit ideal and complete. Top 36.25" wide x 19" deep x 36" high. Cabinet 36.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 36" high. $425
OSC 490 coffee stand extra big top

OSC 490 super wide cafeteria coffee stand $445.

Designed to be used with today’s single cup units and their merchandisers.Specifications: 49" wide x 23.25" deep x 34" high with two condiment trays. 1/2 inch top lip to help keep brewers in place. $445





micro wave stand adjustable shelving






272 microwave / condiment series; stands shows the versatility of this product line. $635 Each.

These stands are equipped with 20 amp electrical receptacles for use with today’s microwave ovens. Optional lights available, add $50. 27" wide x 23.25" deep x 72" high. Each; $635

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