OFM 9008

cafeteria table OFM 9008

Multi Purpose Tables with pull out swivel seats. This multi purpose table has USB/Elec. ports. In stock for fast delivery.

ofm 9008

Seats 8 Adults, OFM 9008

Multi Purpose Tables were designed for use as a 'standing' work platform or as a comfortable 'sitting' stool.  The unique stool can be pulled out if desired.




  • 8 swivel pull out seats
  • 300 lbs. per seat capacity
  • 1" thick laminate top
  • Flip open USB and Elec. AC plugs
  • Standing height table
  • Multiple units can be attached


Table Width: 31.25"
Table Height: 38.00"
Seat Height: 25"
*Table Shown: Overall Length: 96"
Top Available; Laminate Walnut or Dry Erase White
Seats Available; Dark Vein or Walnut Laminate

N E W ! Standing Height Tables With Swivel Seats

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OFM 9008

OFM 9008, Cafeteria Table with 8 Stool/Seats







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