Plymold Cafeteria Tables


plymold cafeteria tables display


Plymold cafeteria tables are sturdy, affordable and easy to maintain. The durable choice for busy high-traffic areas such as fast food restaurants, schools and industrial cafeterias. The Cluster Seating frame configurations consist of frames, seats and tabletops. Each element is selected separately to give you flexibility in purpose and appearance. Find a table configuration, number of seats needed then pick out the Chair Style. Call a Cafeteria Seating PRO.

Jupiter Cluster Seating

Cafeteria tables cluster seating

Jupiter ® frames are the best choice to have seating on all sides of a table. Available in two-, four-, six- and eight- seat versions, with square, rectangular and circular tables



Cebra Cluster Seating

Cebra® frames are the best choice for abutting a wall because of their possible unidirectional seat access. Available in two-, four-, six- and eight-seat versions.

CEBRA Pricing and Information

plymold cebra tables

Plymold cafeteria tables. CEBRA frame table with QUEST metal chair head and composite seat.












                               Bench Seating

 Perfect for breakrooms and cafeterias, the island bench unit accommodates large groups with ease and the fixed layout maximizes your floor space.

cafeteria bench seating gray top blue seats

plymold island bench seating always looks organized


industrial bench seating in red

plymold industrial bench in many colors


Plymold Industrial Units1












Plymold cafeteria tables with blue benches

cafeteria tables bench seating




Cafeteria wall Seating red benches with backs

Plymold bench seating against wall placement


retro bench cafeteria table

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Barricks Cafeteria Tables, Lunch Tables, Bench Style, WholeSale!
Seats are 12" Wide, 400lb cap., ship in 5-7 days.


cafeteria bench seat table 10

cafeteria bench seat table for 10




Model # Style Person Capacity Table Size Table Height Bench Height Weight (lbs)  
NB-4-30-P Bench Top 4 max 30" x 48" 29" 18" 134  
NB-5-30-P Bench Top 6 max 30" x 60" 29" 18" 140  
NB-6-30-P Bench Top 8 max 30" x 72" 29" 18" 155  
NB-8-30-P Bench Top 10 max 30" x 96" 29" 18" 187  
WB-30-6-P Bench with Backs 8 max 30" x 72" 29" 18" 187  
WB-30-8-P Bench with Backs 10 max 30" x 96" 29" 18" 240  
NBR-48 Round Top 6 max 48" diameter 29" 18" 172  
NBR-60 Round Top 8 max 60" diameter 29" 18" 214  
NBS-48 Square Top 8 max 48" square 29" 18" 207  

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cafeteria tables with USB ports

cafeteria standing height tables

+++++++++STANDING HEIGHT++++++++++

N E W !  Standing Height Tables With Swivel Seats

cafeteria tables 8 seats

OFM  9008

cafeteria table with 4 attached chairs

cafeteria table with 4 attached chairs

cafeteria seating 16 seats

cafeteria seating 16 person, OFM 9016

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OFM cafeteria tables 12 person

OFM 9012 cafeteria seating 12 person







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