Rolling and Folding Ladders rolls through a 36″ doorway

Rolling and Folding Ladders are the ideal ladder for a truck wash, general maintenance, home projects, warehouse's, RV's and Churches.

Rolling-Folding-Ladder steel and aluminum 

 rolling ladder walk off top deckRoll & Fold Ladder 10" wheels








Rolling and Folding Ladder is designed to ROLL through a 36" Doorway.

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RV wash ladder with 10" wheels

57degree heavy duty 300 load capacity

ROLLing and FOLDing LADDER provides all the benefits of a SAFETY ROLLING LADDER. Rolling & Folding Industrial Ladder can roll thru a 36" wide doorway. The Ladder works by removing two bolts. The outer legs fold inward and the ladder can be rolled on its 10" tires. These large 10" tires allow the ladder to be rolled over rough terrain to access areas where most standard ladders cannot reach.We can Galvanize these. See our 'Become a Ladder Expert Guide.'                                                   

Standard Features

  • 57 degree slope is standard
  • 18" wide steps 10" Apart
  • Tilt & Roll design on 10" semi-pneumatic tires
  • Easy folding with two bolts
  • Non-marring rubber tips at stabilizing legs
  • 14" deep top platform
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 30" handrails if equipped
  • Gray industrial enamel finish
  • Made in the USA

Tread Styles Available measuring a ladder for work

perforated serrated

Many sizes and styles to choose from.

rolling and folding ladder alumiinum




Prices Up-Dated 3/23/2013 roll and fold ladder with walk off top

Rolling Ladders

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