Tank Top Lifts, stationary cantilever or adjustable deck

Cantilevered tank top lifts are adjustable.

tank top truck access painted orange

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Tank Top Lifts 

Non-Adjustable  $5900

Adjustable  $7200

These CANTILEVER TANK TOP LIFTS provide easy access to tank trucks, railroad cars or other cantilevered applications.

Tank Top Platforms, by Ballymore, are great for all kinds of maintenance applications. Great for clearing snow and ice off tops of trailers. For safety purposes the step and deck tread is open serrated grating, while slip resistant rungs provide access when platform is raised. Economical & OSHA Safety Certified. Call a CANTILEVER PLATFORM Pro!


•300 lbs. load capacity•48” long cantilevered platform
•Available with a fixed platform height•Recommended Option: 30” extension railing
•Hydraulic hand pump raises/lowers platform •Manually propelled for use on hard level surfaces
•Base is 28” W x 60” L, fixed outriggers spread 69”•Two adjustable stabilizing jacks secure lift to ground
•Full rails on both sides w/gates at each end•Two swivel/two rigid 8” casters 

 Standard finish is a deep gray enamel paint, however, a powder coat safety orange is also available. These lifts can be modified to suit your needs.

Tank Top Lifts

Model #Platform
( Lbs )
  TT-9139'4"13'4"48"24"Adjustable 9'4" - 13'8"1,525  $7,200
  TT-913F9'4"13'8"48"24"Non-Adjustable 9’ to 13’1,450  $5,900


  AC electric power$2,600
DC electric power$1,650
  Air-Hydraulic power$2,600
Tool Tray$110
  Fluorescent tube holder  $194
  Platform duplex receptacle  $340
Removable 30” extension railing  $360
  Safety orange enamel paint finish  FREE

Three available power options:
-Air hydraulic power requiring 90 CFM with 90 PSI pressure
-Convenient plug in 120V AC with thermal overload protection
-Independent 12V DC deep cycle system complete with battery and charger along with a double solenoid for additional safety

Unless special provisions are made, platforms and lifts must not be used for energized bare wire electrical work or operated on inclined surfaces. When this equipment is used, ground personnel should be excluded from the immediate work area. Compliance with unspecified codes should not be assumed.

tank top truck access painted orange












tank top maintenance platforms

Tank top maintenance platforms. These are non-adjustable deck height.

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