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Fixed Ladders, and our ROOF ACCESS CAGED Ladders have many uses. FIXED LADDERS are used for getting to lofts, roofs, docks, up water tanks and more!

Our Fixed ladders with cages are the safest ladders. After a certain height, depending on your building codes, a cage is required for added safety. Walk-thru style handrails at the top of the ladder allow workers to walk onto the next level with safety in mind. We build these to any height requested by the customer. We also meet specific building codes and customer needs. We can also Galvanize these. This page has Relevant Standard Sizes and Pricing INFO!



Standard Access Ladder Features

  • 22" overall width
  • Caged ladders available
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 42" handrails if equipped
  • Mounts extend 7" from wall
  •  Galvanizing available

Roof Access Ladder

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