Cantilever Ladders, Extended TOP Platforms

Cantilever Ladders and Extended Overhang Platforms. We can build to your specifications and be OSHA Safety Compliant too. Listed here are suggested sizes with pricing. MADE in the USA.


Rear exit ladders

Rear exit ladders PROS

cantilever ladders side exit

Cantilever Ladders

Cantilever ladder painted yellow

Ladder with drop down extension

cantilever ladder side exit

Side exit Ladder

cantilever Ladder side bridges

Cantilever Rolling Ladder                Drop Down Side Ramps          

How to Measure a Cantilever Platform

57degree heavy duty 300 load capacity

Industrial CANTILEVER  LADDERS  are  used to access storage shelving, inspect cargo, or as a rolling maintenance platform.

The Cantilever Ladders 'unsupported' portion of the platform is perfect for clearing hard to reach areas.  We can install walk off safety chains, make a larger extended reach top platform, galvanize it or make a beefier capacity. Our web site is often copied for content.

Standard Cantilever Ladder Features

  • Individually locking casters
  • 57 Degree is standard slope
  • Overhangs hard to reach areas
  • Several overhang depths to choose from (see chart)
  • Counterbalance weight at base, add 300lb for shipping
  • 300 lbs load rating standard (500lb & more available)
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 30" handrails, 14" standard overhang
  • Gray industrial enamel finish
  • Add $200 for 50 degree slope
  • Made in the USA

Tread Styles Available

Cantilever Ladder aluminum with handrails

Cantilever Ladder, Aluminum, 500lb cap.;


Cantilever Ladder perforated tread design Cantilever Ladder serrated tread design

Many sizes and styles to choose from or we can build a Cantilever Ladder to your concept or drawing.  

Un supported Item # Steps Platform "Height" Platform "W x D" Overhang Base "W x D"




Perforated Serrated
BS6SH30-SP 6 60" 24" x 21" 14" 26" x 75"90 lbs  
BS7SH30-SP 7 70" 24" X 21" 14" 26" X 82" 100 lbs  
BS8SH30-SP8 80" 24" x 21" 14" 32" x 61" 110 lbs  
BS9SH30-SP 9 90" 24" x 21" 14" 32" x 67" 120 lbs  
BS10SH30-SP 10 100" 24" X 21" 14"32" x 74" 130 lbs  
BS11SH30-SP 11 110"24" x 21" 14" 32" x 83" 140 lbs  
BS12SH30-SP 12 120"24" x 21" 14"32" x 89" 150 lbs  
BS13SH30-SP13 130"24" x 21"14"32" x 95" 160 lbs  
BS14SH30-SP 14 140"24" x 21" 14"32" x 102" 170 lbs  
BS15SH30-SP15150"24" x 21"14"32" x 110" 180 lbs  
BS16SH30-SP 16160"24" x 21" 14"32" x 117" 190 lbs  

STANDARD HANDRAILS: 30" for ladders up to 110" Platform ht, 42"/21" 120" and taller.




Cantilever Ladders that are 'Supported' Cantilevers are built with a support frame.

The support frame allows the TOP Cantilever Portion to Clear Obstacles. A Supported Cantilever Ladder is useful in inventory stocking, maintenance, reaching over obstacles, cargo inspection and is very Economical too. Our Un-Supported Cantilever Stairways have a Powder Coat Finish if requested. Ladders ship KD and need assembly.

Standard Cantilever Features

  • 50 degree slope is standard
  • 24" wide steps and 10" rise
  • 20", 30" 40" deep top platform
  • 4" Top Safety Kick Plates
  • 300 lbs load rating
  • 1" square tube construction
  • 42" handrail with a 21" midrail
  • Yellow industrial Powder Coat Finish


Cantilever Ladder Supported all steel painted yellow

Cantilever Ladder Supported



perforated treadserrated tread Tread Styles Available



Item # Steps



Platform "W x D" Overhang
Base "W x D"


SC-520550"24" x 20"20"30" x 64"90 lbs  
SC-530550"24" X 30"30"30" X 74"100 lbs  
SC-540550"24" x 40"40"30" x 84"110 lbs  
SC-620660"24" x20"20"30" x 72"120 lbs  
SC-630660"24" X30"30"30" x 82"130 lbs  
SC-640660"24" x 40"40"30" x 92"140 lbs  
SC-720770"24" x 20"20"30" x 81"150 lbs  
SC-730770"24" x 30"30"30" x 91"160 lbs  
SC-740770"24" x 40"40"30" x 101"170 lbs  
SC-820880"24" x 20"20"30" x 89"120 lbs  
SC-830880"24" X 30"30"30" x 99"130 lbs  
SC-840880"24" x 40"40"30" x 109"140 lbs  
SC-920990"24" x 20"20"30" x 97"150 lbs  
SC-930990"24" x 30"30"30" x 107"160 lbs  
SC-940990"24" x 40"40"30" x 117"170 lbs  


Drawing of Supported Cantilever Ladder
Cantilever ladder Supported Drawing of measurements

Cantilever Ladders that are ‘UN-Supported’ are built without a leg support frame.




Cantilever Ladders that are ‘UN-Supported’ are built without a leg support frame.

Cantilever Ladder UN Supported painted yellow

Cantilever Ladder UN Supported



Item # Steps Platform "Height" Platform "W x D" Overhang Base "W x D" Weight + Counter Perforated Serrated
UC-520550"24" x 20"20"30" x 64"90 lbs  
UC-530550"24" X 30"30"30" X 74"100 lbs  
UC-540550"24" x 40"40"30" x 84"110 lbs  
UC-620660"24" x20"20"30" x 72"120 lbs  
UC-630660"24" X30"30"30" x 82"130 lbs  
UC-640660"24" x 40"40"30" x 92"140 lbs  
UC-720770"24" x 20"20"30" x 81"150 lbs  
UC-730770"24" x 30"30"30" x 91"160 lbs  
UC-740770"24" x 40"40"30" x 101"170 lbs  
UC-820880"24" x 20"20"30" x 89"120 lbs  
UC-830880"24" X 30"30"30" x 99"130 lbs  
UC-840880"24" x 40"40"30" x 109"140 lbs  
UC-920990"24" x 20"20"30" x 97"150 lbs  
UC-930990"24" x 30"30"30" x 107"160 lbs  
UC-940990"24" x 40"40"30" x 117"170 lbs  
Cantilever ladder Unsupported drawing measurements


We Build Side Exit Cantilevers. Rear Exit ladders too.

Cantilever Side Exit Platforms with 'side' extensions are available. These work platforms can be built with a walk off top.

rear exit ladders

Rear Exit Ladders








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Tank Top Lifts

Tank Top Lifts, by Ballymore, are great for all kinds of maintenance applications. These CANTILEVER TANK TOP LIFTS provide easy access to tank trucks, railroad cars or other cantilevered applications. Great for clearing snow and ice off tops of trailers. For safety purposes the step and deck tread is open serrated grating, while slip resistant rungs provide access when platform is raised. Economical & OSHA Safety Certified. Call a CANTILEVER PLATFORM Pro!


•300 lbs. load capacity•48” long cantilevered platform
•Available with a fixed platform height•Recommended Option: 30” extension railing
•Hydraulic hand pump raises/lowers platform •Manually propelled for use on hard level surfaces
•Base is 28” W x 60” L, fixed outriggers spread 69”•Two adjustable stabilizing jacks secure lift to ground
•Full rails on both sides w/gates at each end•Two swivel/two rigid 8” casters

Standard finish is a deep gray enamel paint, however, a powder coat safety orange is also available. These lifts can be modified to suit your needs.

Tank Top Lifts

Model #Platform
( Lbs )
TT-9139'4"13'4"48"24"Adjustable 9'4" - 13'8"1,525 
TT-913F9'4"13'8"48"24"Non-Adjustable 9’ to 13’1,450 


AC electric power 
DC electric power  
Air-Hydraulic power 
Tool Tray  
Fluorescent tube holder 
Platform duplex receptacle 
Removable 30” extension railing  
Safety orange enamel paint finish 

Three available power options:
-Air hydraulic power requiring 90 CFM with 90 PSI pressure
-Convenient plug in 120V AC with thermal overload protection
-Independent 12V DC deep cycle system complete with battery and charger along with a double solenoid for additional safety

Unless special provisions are made, platforms and lifts must not be used for energized bare wire electrical work or operated on inclined surfaces. When this equipment is used, ground personnel should be excluded from the immediate work area. Compliance with unspecified codes should not be assumed.


Adjustable Height Cantilever Rolling Platform

9 Step 50" to 90" Range AH5090 

12 Step 80" to 120" Range AH80120 

Hydraulic or Shop Air

  • Steps articulate as height adjusts
  • 50"-90" and 80"-120" range models
  • Powered and manual models
  • 500 lb. rated capacity
  • Diamond plate platform surface
  • Serrated 11 3/4" deep steps
  • 42" guardrails
  • Exit chains on top platform
  • 8"x2" Locking casters
  • Hybrid aluminum and steel construction
  • Meets OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI A14.7


Please consult this diagram for a clear depiction of how we measure and describe our ladders and platforms.

  • A = Step Height or Platform Height (generally measured 10" per step) Custom Work Platforms Seen In HOME IMPROVEMENT STORES
  • B = Step/Platform Width
  • C = Platform Depth
  • D = Overall Depth (found at base)
  • E = Overall Width (found at base)




All of our products ship using the industry standards for ladders and work platforms. After a thorough Quality Check is performed on each product, they are either palatalized or crated. Shrink wrapping and padding adds an extra layer of protection. Always inspect your shipment upon delivery.





Cantilever Ladder adjustable height

Adjustable Cantilever Ladder








Custom Rear exit ladders

Custom Rear exit ladders
Aluminum Rear exit ladders

Aluminum Rear exit ladders





Rear exit ladders

Rear exit ladders OSHA Safety Compliant





aircraft cantilever ladders airplane wing access






cantilever ladder aluminum

Heavy duty aluminum cantilever ladder for tank top access







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